3-D Training Centre(IILS)

A major development in state-of-the-art laparoscopic Surgery was initiated by the setting up of the eminent Indian institute of laparoscopic surgery (IILS) in 1996 with the prime objective of imparting hands-on knowledge in laparoscopic procedures to potential surgeons.

IILS is recognized by the Indian Association of Gastro Intestinal Endo Surgeons (IAGES) as well as by numerous other leading associations and medical colleges across the country. Today, IILS is a prestigious training centre in the country recognized nationally and internationally for the excellent quality of education in laparoscopic procedures.

Regular courses are being conducted in laparoscopic Surgery for General Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, paed. Surgeons, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, Gynecologists & Urologists for the past 16 years at the Indian institute of laparoscopic surgery(IILS). More than 2650 Surgeons have benefited in the art of Laparoscopy in India and abroad.

Spearheaded by Dr. V. Venkatesh, the launch of world’s first 3D Laparoscopic Centre brings yet another remarkable achievement to the world of health care in Coimbatore. IILS takes the pride of imparting knowledge to more than 2650 surgeons to master the art of laparoscopy in India and abroad till date.

Laparoscopic surgery has carved out for itself an irreplaceable niche in the field of health care. Welcome to this fascinating frontier of medical science. You are also welcome to stay on as our guest even after completion of the course to better acquaint yourself with the subject.

3D Laparoscopic Surgery benefits:

  • To Patients:
  • High assurance of safety
  • Avoiding complications
  • Short hospital stay
  • Less time for surgery and anesthesia
  • Rapid recovery
  • To Doctors:
  • Intensified depth perception
  • Precision & Accuracy
  • High Resolution
  • Incredible 3D images, thus reducing artifacts of 2D vision

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